What you do after you are done with a piece of clothing is one of the most important decisions you can make in sustainable fashion. If you throw it away and it contains unnatural fibers, that garment will exist in a landfill for over 200 years before breaking down. If you give it to a second hand store it has a huge possibility of being shipped to a third world country where it will undermine efforts to create a textile industry. Thus it is imperative that we make smart decisions about how we dispose of garments.

The first thing you can do is not buy the piece of clothing. Only buy what you need or what you are actually going to use. Think 30. If you can’t see yourself wearing the piece 30 times, don’t buy it.

Second, learn how to mend your own clothes. Before you give it away, or throw it away make sure that there isn’t any way to fix the garment and there is no one you can directly give it to. (I get a lot of clothing from my mom and my grandmother, their taste is fantastic).

Third, if you do have to get rid of it try to make sure that it is being put to a sustainable use. Give it to organizations that work in recycling textiles or a charity that guarantees no overseas shipping to third world countries.