Fur is one of the most popular controversies in sustainable fashion. The fight between tradition and animal rights has been all over the media, pushed by PETA, economists, activists, and fashion icon. But how does it really stand in sustainable fashion?

I believe that it is possible to buy sustainable fur, its just really hard. Unlike other textiles discussed, fur requires the removal of the skin of an animal, not just shearing or the brushing of the animal. There is a huge ethical issue with fur. However, if you really want to buy fur, buy vintage. If an animal was sacrificed for an item of clothing, we should at least use it to the full extent possible, not just throw it in a landfill.

Issues with the modern fur trade include:

  • Fur Farms depriving their animals of food, medicine, and space
  • The skinning of animals alive
  • Illegal sales of endangered species’ skins
  • Illegal trapping

Please think twice before making a purchase. Supporting the fur industry is death sentence for animals across the world.

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