Made In…

When you look at a clothing label, one of the first pieces of information you are given is the location the garment was made in. This is an incredible way to judge how sustainable the piece of clothing is. Here are a couple ways to judge how sustainable a garment is based on its location of production:

  1. How close was the store to the location on the label? Less travel between production and store means less travel related environmental costs. So buy locally to decrease fossil fuel usage, and to help support the local economy.
  2. Google search the country and fashion (ex. “Bangladesh and Fashion”). News outlets have been covering global clothing production for decades, inform yourself on recent issues or successes around the clothing industry to help inform your decision
  3. Look at the price of the garment. Lots of companies like to squeeze the price of their product as low as possible to remain competitive in the fashion industry. Its difficult to cut prices from textiles (though they do that), so the majority of the price cuts come from the production. Extremely low wages have been related to fashion for a long time. Sweatshops and sewing machines go hand in hand.
  4. Do a gut check. Do you feel okay buying this garment? Does the purchase feel like a positive contribution to the economy and the world? If not, its probably not a good choice.


Take a look at some of the countries that I have listed in the Made In… drop down menu, or make a search in the side bar to find posts related to the country of the garment’s production.

Happy shopping!