Washing Machines

Over 80% of american homes have a washing machine. Its an extremely popular way to clean clothing and maintain the integrity of out garments. However, these machines do have an environmental impact. Their water usage is second only to toilets in the home and they are powered by fossil fuels. Theres not really a lot that we can do to change these facts about the machines but we can optimize our usage of washing machines for sustainability. Below I have listed different ways you can be more sustainable when using a washing machine.

  1. Don’t wash it if you don’t need to. Try to use the machine less and if you do need to wash your clothes, consider hand washing instead to save water and energy.
  2. Only put in full loads. If you are going to use a washing machine, try to get the maximum amount of clean clothes from one washing cycle.
  3. Use less detergent, or go organic. Less detergent means less spins needed to wash away the soap.
  4. Use cold water. This not only decreases the energy needed to power the wash but saves you money too!